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By registering for Funeral Service Awareness, you will have the opportunity to read, become involved and listen to the professional narration covering a variety of topics to help you to gain basic knowledge and further insight relating to the funeral service. 

We want to help you to explore, research and deepen your knowledge. We also want to help you to absorb and remember the information accessible to you. The design of the training is for this very purpose.

We are also able to assist in helping you to ascertain if you have the required skills and attributes that most employers look for. We will go a step further too. We wil help you to understand the diversity of funerals taking place across the U.K and the impact of losing a family member, friend, colleague or loved one.

Irrespective of whether you are considering your first job or you want to improve your current situation, we will give you relevant information to  broaden your horizons and gain an insight into the funeral service.

Our promise to you

We can help you to develop your knowledge and to explore each of the following areas of interest:-

  • the range of key activities carried out by the funeral service.
  • the key responsibilities across the different job families
  • recognising appropriate skills and personal attributes for working in the funeral service.
  • the aims of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).
  • the responsibility and obligations of a National Association of Funeral Directors member in adhering to the Code of Practice and Code of Professional Standards.
  • the purpose of prepaid funeral plans.
  • the common reactions to bereavement including the stages of grief. 
  • the differences in funeral ceremony.
  • the benefits of counselling following bereavement.
  • the activities that take place before the day of the funeral.
  • the activities that take place on the day of the funeral.

We are here, ready to work alongside to assist you in developing your knowledge and to further enhance your career aspirations.

We are unable to guarantee employment as a result of registering for the training but we can help you to develop your knowledge.

Quality approved training - accredited by One Awards


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