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Find out about becoming an NAFD Examiner

The following information aims to provide a brief guide relating to the responsibilities and workload of an NAFD examiner. It is intended to provide general background information including the selection criteria and personal qualities required. 

1. Who are the NAFD Examiners?

Examiners are experienced funeral directors who have current knowledge of funeral directing tasks and responsibilities, including the requirements of the NAFD syllabi and assessment procedures.

Examiners commit to offering a reasonable amount of their time throughout the year to ensure that the qualification standards are upheld. It is a responsible position and as such a process of progression exists. Initially, NAFD examiners join the Panel of Examiners before progression to  the Board of Examiners.

2. How are NAFD Examiners selected?

At present, potential examiners are usually nominated by individual members of the NAFD Board of Examiners, or by self-nomination.

In any instance, all nominations and written applications are screened and judged by the Chair of the Board of Examiners, against the criteria for appointment and then formally considered by members of the Committee for Professional Development (CPD) and members of the NAFD Board of Examiners for approval. The latter makes recommendations for appointment. Once approved by the Board, new examiners are placed on to the panel of examiners.

3. Term of Service

The term of service is usually for three years, with a maximum further three years extension. The Association endeavours to maintain a group of examiners who are representative of the funeral service in terms of equal opportunity and geographical location..


Examiners give their time to the NAFD on a purely voluntary basis. A process is in place to enable claims for travel expenses to meetings and for examination related activities.

4.   Experience, Personal Qualities and Skills

4a           Experience

All examiners must be able to provide evidence of current funeral directing knowledge and skills.

4b           Personal Qualities

Click  to display the Personal Qualities we expect our examiners to have.

5.       Workload & Duties

The workload impacting upon members of the Panel of Examiners can vary depending upon the demand for examinations throughout the year.

6.        Training and Assessment

Attendance of examiner training days is a mandatory requirement.

Examiners receive specific training on assessment techniques, moderation and final examination procedures.

Prior to undertaking full marking duties, all examiners are required to participate in at least two-three examinations as shadow observers.

7.         Maintaining Professional Competence

The Association expects all examiners to keep up-to-date with knowledge and developments in the specialism of funeral directing, and in techniques of assessment. Attendance of examiner training days is a mandatory requirement.

Attendance of training days are part of an examiners ongoing dual-professionalism.

8.       Prospective Examiner Expression of Interest

If you are interested in applying to become an NAFD examiner, please complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ form attached, along with the following additional information.

  • the Expression of Interest  (document download)
  • a personal statement describing your skills, your funeral directing experience and your reasons for wanting to become an examiner;
  •  two references  (please supply the contact details of two referees. This could be another NAFD member, a crematorium superintendent, a member of the clergy, or other funeral directors in your local area who are prepared to support your application)
  •  a copy of your current CV;
  •  for the purposes of I.D a copy of  a) your driving licence  OR  b) a passport size photograph
  •  confirmation of membership NAFD Category A Membership

All documents should be emailed for the attention of the Chairman, Board of Examiners to

9.       General Enquiries

If you would prefer to have an informal discussion regarding your interest prior to completion of the expression of interest, please email your contact details to, and we will contact the Chairman, Board of Examiners on your behalf..



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